Peanut OIT

Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)


What is peanut oral immunotherapy (OIT)?

Peanut OIT is an optional treatment for peanut allergy. Recent studies have shown that in the majority of patients who undergo peanut OIT, over time it can increase the amount of peanut that an allergic patient is able to eat without having an allergic reaction. It has been found to be most effective for young children and less effective for older children and adults.

Peanut OIT involves eating small amounts of peanut protein every day at home, with increasing amounts every few weeks in the allergy clinic. Since OIT involves eating a food that you are allergic to, allergic reactions may occur while on the treatment. For this reason, OIT must NEVER be performed without supervision from an allergist.

OIT may not be suitable for all patients or families. Food Allergy Canada has published two families' experiences with OIT, which we recommend you read if you are interested in learning more about this.

For more information about peanut OIT, speak to your child's allergist or have your primary care provider fax a referral to our clinic.

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