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What is spirometry?

  • Spirometry is a simple breathing test that is performed in our clinic to diagnose asthma and monitor asthma control in patients who are already diagnosed.

  • You will not need this test if you do not have asthma or asthma symptoms.

  • It is not painful or uncomfortable. Our nurse will coach you through the steps.

  • As it requires some coordination of breathing, we typically are unable to perform this test in children under the age of 6 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I stop my asthma medications before coming to clinic?

  • NO. Please continue all of your asthma medications when you come to clinic.

  • However, if you needed to use your rescue medication (i.e. salbutamol/Ventolin, terbutaline/Bricanyl) on the day of clinic, you must inform us when you arrive.

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