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Oral Challenge

About your oral challenge

  • During an oral challenge, we are giving you a food or medication that you could be allergic to. We do this in small steps and monitor you the entire time. This typically takes up to 2 hours for a medication and up to 4 hours for a food.

  • Due to the lengthy duration of the oral challenge, it is essential that we start on time. If you are running more than 15 minutes late, we may have to cancel the oral challenge.

  • We will NOT perform an oral challenge if you are sick or have poor asthma control. If you are sick or find that your asthma is not well controlled within a week of your scheduled oral challenge:

    • Call the office to cancel your oral challenge

    • You will NOT be charged a cancellation fee

    • The oral challenge will be re-booked as soon as possible​

  • If you have a reaction during the oral challenge

    • You will be monitored and treated in our office

    • Epinephrine may be given

    • For severe reactions, ambulance transfer to the Emergency Department may be necessary

Before your oral challenge

  • DO NOT take any antihistamines or cold medication for 7 DAYS prior to the oral challenge

  • DO continue to take any regular asthma medications

  • DO continue to take any regular nose sprays (exception: stop Dymista for 7 days prior to oral challenge)

  • DO continue to use any regular skin creams

The day of your oral challenge

  • Bring the food or medication required for the challenge

  • Bring your Epipen if you have one

  • Bring your asthma medications (if you have any)

  • Bring some fun and entertainment, as the challenge will take between 2 - 4 hours

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